About Us

Our vision is to make cybersecurity training fun and affordable

Africa tells a different story when it comes to professional training in cybersecurity. Our objective is to not only offer quality and affordable training to individuals in cybersecurity, but also show that Africa has a tremendous talent pool. The average cost of training a cybersecurity professional has been approximated at between $1,000 - $30,000. For a continent where such figures are astronomical, many dreams of potential disruptive innovations in this space have been shelved. We are changing this, one vault at a time.

So, why us?


Our platform features many modules, known as vaults, that are free to access and tryout. We also offer premium vaults (these are content specific, instructional modules, that take a deep dive into different subject areas) that can be accessed for as little as $5.

Gamified Learning

Who doesn’t like having fun? Our modules employ the mischief and excitement of hacking while at the same time achieving the set learning outcomes.

Chunk-sized Modular Learning

We acknowledge that cybersecurity is a very large field with a wide range of niches. For this reason, our vaults are designed for easy choice and specialization. We have something for everyone, and we do not bombard you with too much info.

Our Offerings

As we said, we have something for everyone and in line with our vision of making cybersecurity training affordable, some of our services are absolutely free.

CTF Competitions

We host Capture the Flag competitions through our various partners with the aim of identifying, nurturing and promoting young talent. These CTFs are absolutely free to join and participate in.

Free Vaults

We have a wide range of free vaults that help individuals who are making a leap of faith into cybersecurity make a soft landing.

Premium Vaults

For those of us who would like to advance our skills or learn a new trick or exploit, premium vaults offer just that.

Labs for Schools

We endeavor to take away the pain of schools managing infrastructure (which is very costly), or designing learning modules. Our engineers do the heavy lifting.

Private Vaults

Private vaults require you to have an invitation to join and can be used for basically anything. For instance, they can be used for member’s only CTFs, technical interviews for organizations, bug bounty programs


If your company is hiring for a cybersecurity role, you can browse through our members and identify potential candidates. We also have a public leaderboard that displays our top, and most active members.



Hosted Competitions