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Our engineers build real-life challenges that leverage on the latest attack vectors, Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) for web, mobile, IoT, malware, cryptography, network, Windows, Linux, and test individual skills in steganography, forensics and OSINT.

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Our Vaults

Vaults are modular, subject-specific, learning, and/or instructional units and challenges that we use to serve content to our users. For instance, a vault could be specific to outlining what an IDOR attack is, how to identify it, and/or mitigate against it. A vault could also feature challenges such as a vulnerable network or application that would require to be exploited to find the hidden flags.

We feature both free and premium vaults, publicly accessible to all our members.

CTF Competitions

You can host your own onetime or recurring private or public Capture the Flag (CTF) competition for your organization or event.

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Set up custom vaults with specific challenges or deliverables for your students. Track their performance and identify areas of interest.

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Host your technical interviews through our invite only vaults/challenges or identify and hire cybersecurity talent from our active members.

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Hosted Competitions