Technical Interviews

Currently, the hiring process for tech talent hinges on the technical skills of the candidate. For this reason, hiring managers are tasked with setting up technical challenges for their potential employees. At, we want to take away the logistical nightmare that comes with setting up isolated environments and the building of labs just for recruitment purposes. The cost implications, not to mention time, is consuming. We will take care of the logistics and you will be able to track, in real time, the progress of each candidate. Once done, we will provide you with statistics on how each candidate did in the various sections of the challenges.

Private Bug Bounty Programs

Before you release a product or a service out to the public, it is important to carry out a security audit (assessment and penetration test). Furthermore, even after your product or service has already been deployed, it is important to conduct continuous security assessments and investigations. The versatility of our platform allows for such private engagements via invitations to security researchers of your choice. We can help you bring out a secure product to the masses.

Hiring Solutions

There are two ways you can go about this.

  1. You can reach out to us with your job specifications and we will refer potential candidates that meet your profile
  2. You can scout your own talent or potential candidates from the various vaults that meet your needs. We also have a public leaderboard that shows the top performers on our platform.

We are also open to partnerships with organizations. If you have a cause, project or event that you believe we can collaborate on, we are always welcoming. Please use the form below to talk to us.

For Organizations

If the above services appeal to your current needs, or have a clarification or suggestion, please let us know below.

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