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The Challenge!

One of the biggest challenges that most instructors face is the setting up of technical labs for practical hands-on skills training. In some learning institutions or training facilities, some students may not have the required infrastructure to download and set up labs for their schoolwork or training. This is because not all students can afford computers or laptops that are able to run virtualized environments. This lack of standardized infrastructure makes it difficult for instructors to not only meet their deliverables, but also have to tone down the intensity of the training to accommodate students without the required infrastructure.

This is where we come in...

At, you do not have to worry about infrastructure. As an instructor, you can:-

  • Create your classroom
  • Set up your lab environment using our infrastructure
  • Share your classroom details with your students to join
  • Your students will be able to deploy their own instances of the same lab
  • Track the performance of your students in the various labs
  • Identify areas of interest/challenges to the students to better tweak your curriculum participation
  • Set technical exams for your students

Classrooms are private and are only accessible to individuals who have been invited. This means that no one other than your students will have access to the labs. Your privacy and that of your students is protected.

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